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Education & Community

Arts & crafts such as pottery painting are a fantastic way to socialise and share a fun and exciting experience. And it’s not just ideal for birthday parties or business events, it is a great option for groups within the community including schools, care homes and art therapy sessions. An extremely therapeutic and rewarding activity, we think everyone will love giving painting a go! It is completely flexible and can be tailored to meet your requirements, whether you are looking for something for a particular event or just something different to offer participants.

Getting Creative

Creative activities aren’t just about having something exciting to do and having fun (although that is a big part of it!). They can help encourage better physical and mental health. Through problem-solving, self-expression and a sense of accomplishment, people who take part in things such as pottery painting can walk away having benefited from the activity they have just completed.

These benefits apply to people of all ages, including school children and young adults, as well as care home residents. We can help you organise your session, simply contact us with all of your details and we can deliver your pottery to you along with all of the necessary paints and brushes.


Being a very flexible activity, painting is perfect for schools as it can be applied and used throughout the curriculum. It can be used as an alternative activity in Art classes, as well as for subjects such as history and geography where students can paint plates inspired by historical events, or natural landscapes.

It is also ideal for seasonal events, such as creating something to take home for Christmas or even something for leavers to take home at the end of the school year.

Youth Groups

Painting doesn’t have to be limited to schools, it is a fun option for various youth groups as well, such as Brownies, Scouts and Youth Clubs. It is a good team-building exercise that gets them socialising and encourages participants to share positive compliments and reassurance.

This is great for developing social skills as well as giving them a creative outlet where they can be self-expressive and gain a sense of achievement from what they create.

Care Homes

It is not just children who can benefit from getting creative, it can also help improve the physical and mental health of care home residents too. Getting crafty can help keep the minds of residents stimulated and research has shown that it can help improve self-esteem and reduce depression, anxiety and stress. It is an activity that would be brilliant for all residents, especially those with less mobility as it is a way to keep their hands active and gives everyone a fun way to socialise.

How it works


Select your bisque or piece of pottery



Your order gets delivered to your door ready for you to paint



Once painted, contact us to have you pottery glazed & fired



Your finised piece of pottery is delivered back to you

Event Info

Number of Participants: The minimum number of participants per event is 10. If you require less than that and looking to have a go, we are happy to arrange something for you.

Pricing: The cost for our services is £20 per person. This includes the pottery and the kit per person, glazing and firing charges.

A deposit of 50% will be payable with your order. The remaining 50% is payable when we collect your painted pottery. If in case you have to cancel the event, we are happy to offer you a credit for the deposit paid and it can be used when you reorganise the event.

Delivery: There is a standard delivery charge of £25. For large shipments more than 10 kg, will incur 50p per kg. Our delivery fee includes both deliveries and collections. All orders will be processed and shipped to you a day prior to your event on a standard courier service.


{We would like to thank you Peter Potter Crafts for a great service. It really was good fun and actually quite therapeutic! There was a really great choice of products to choose from and was an amazing team building experience. Highly recommended by Dynamic. Team!{
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