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Pottery painting is a fantastic way to encourage your team to engage with their inner artist and get those creative juices flowing. Enjoying an afternoon getting artistic is a great team building exercise, getting everyone to socialise and have a bit of fun. Each team member can create something unique to take home to the family or to decorate their workspace with. Our sessions are suitable for all skill levels and you don’t need to be an aspiring Picasso to enjoy them. Each piece can look however you want, and our workshops are about relaxing, getting creative and having fun. Anyone and everyone can give it a go and all participants will benefit from it. If your team are working from home, then it’s a perfect zoom activity to have a zoom team building session.

Benefits for your team

Pottery painting isn’t just about getting messy with paints and having fun, it has a lot of health benefits too. Nowadays we all spend a lot of time ‘connected’ online, whether that is through emails, online messaging or video calls.

Taking a couple of hours out of your day to be away from the computers and to escape the hustle and bustle of work can be really beneficial for your team.

Relax and Refocus

When working it can be easy to get bogged down by the long to-do lists and the numerous things you need to remember and organize. Pottery painting gives people a way to find some solid ground in a sea of noise.

By sitting down and focusing on one thing for an hour or two, you can channel all your energy into this one activity. It gives your mind a chance to be calm, refocus and get organized, leaving you ready to face any challenges when you return to your normal working day.

Feel Accomplished

Painting can also give a sense of achievement when you look at your finished piece which can be great for the mental health of your team. Often projects that we work on in our jobs can take some time to complete, with a delay before results are seen.

With crafts such as painting, everyone can create something which can offer results almost instantly. This sense of accomplishment creates a positive energy and mindset and will leave everyone raring to go.


The importance of taking time out doesn’t just come from needing time to relax and destress, it is also about taking some time to socialise with your colleagues and get talking. With busy days and deadlines to meet, being able to have some time to sit and take a breather is very beneficial for team building and improving the team dynamic. Creative activities such as pottery painting are a chance to share positive encouragement and simply engage with each other in a way you don’t often get the chance to.

How it works


Select your bisque or piece of pottery



Your order gets delivered to your door ready for you to paint



Once painted, contact us to have you pottery glazed & fired



Your finised piece of pottery is delivered back to you

Event Info

Number of Participants: The minimum number of participants per event is 10. If you are a small team and looking to have a go, we are happy to arrange something for you.

Pricing: The cost for our services is £40 per person. This includes the pottery and the kit per person, glazing and firing charges.

A deposit of 50% will be payable with your order. The remaining 50% is payable when we collect your painted pottery for glazing and firing. In case you have to cancel the event, we are happy to offer you a credit for the deposit paid and which be used when you reorganise the event.

Delivery: There is a standard delivery charge £25 for up to 10 kg and anything over 10 kg will incur 50p per kg. We are happy to deliver to various destinations (working from home) at a cost of £16.95 per person. Our delivery fee includes both deliveries and collections. All orders will be processed and shipped to you a day prior to your event via a standard courier service.


{We would like to thank you Peter Potter Crafts for a great service. It really was good fun and actually quite therapeutic! There was a really great choice of products to choose from and was an amazing team building experience. Highly recommended by Dynamic. Team!{
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