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Art Therapy in the Workplace

by | Feb 23, 2021

It’s not typically the first thing to come to people’s minds but in terms of stress-relief art therapy in the workplace has many benefits. When running a company, the morale of your staff is often one of your top priorities. It’s important to do what you can to limit the amount of workplace stress and create a relaxing environment. We know it is inevitable that a stressed atmosphere may develop but organising a creative team-building exercise will help to relieve this and give your team time to recharge.

There are a number of ways which art therapy in the workplace can help everyone here are just a few:

Unplug from Your Computers

One of the best things about artistic activities is that they are a great opportunity to get away from your computer screens. A lot of people will spend most of their working day in front of a screen. This could be a computer monitor, a point-of-sale screen, or maybe your phone or tablet. Moving away from your desks or workstations to a different room will give your team a chance to unplug from their emails and notification and refocus. This important for the brain to process thoughts and to get away from all of the online ‘noise’.

Get Socialising

Gathering colleagues around a table and doing a group activity is fantastic for getting them socialising. Art therapy in the workplace gives them a chance to have fun, enjoy each other’s company and bond over a shared activity. You will all find that during a normal working day you may not get to talk to everyone as much as you want to. Getting together and having a bit of a laugh will allow you to finally catch up and have a more casual conversation. This will help to improve the team dynamic, share positive encouragement and engage with each other in a way you can’t normally find time to.

Relax and Destress

It’s a well-known fact that getting creative is brilliant for helping you to relax. Art therapy in the workplace is very calming and is often recommended to relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression. Long to-do lists and upcoming deadlines will often be the cause of most of the stress in the workplace. Taking time out for a creative activity is a way of giving yourself only one thing to focus on and helps to clear the mind of all negative thoughts. It gives you a chance to refocus and re-centre yourself before returning to your work. Research shows that calmer minds will typically be more productive and be better at problem-solving.

Create Something Special

One of my favourite things about art therapy in the workplace is that you get to take something home at the end of it. Everyone involved will have created something to be proud of and this sense of achievement will definitely boost morale. You can display your artwork on your desk, give it to a colleague for Secret Santa or take it home to give to a member of the family.

There are so many activities that can be used for art therapy in the workplace, we’re sure you’ll find one that is perfect for your team. You can get adult colour pages with intricate designs, origami and one of our favourites, pottery painting!

We can help you organise a range of events for all occasions. If you think you’d like to organise a creative team-building session for your team, you can read more about our Corporate Events. If you have any questions or queries, you can get in touch using our contact form, and we’d be happy to help!

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